Does your Park Home Suffer from Black Mould?

Black Mould

The usual places to find black mould are in kitchens, bathrooms and near leaking pipes. Park homes are more susceptible to mould because of the cold walls which encourage condensation.

Is black mould harmful?

Black mould is classified as harmful. The spores may cause allergic reaction, aggravate asthma, chest and breathing conditions. Some people are more sensitive to mould: babies and children; elderly people; those with existing skin problems, such as eczema; those with respiratory problems, such as allergies and asthma; those with a weakened immune system. Black mould also stains and damages surfaces.

Why have I got mould in my home?

Mould is not growing because your home is dirty or because you are not cleaning properly, the moisture from the condensation simply provides growing conditions that the mould spores love.

What causes condensation?

Condensation forms when warm air, full of moisture hits a cold surface. Park homes have little or no insulation in the walls so they are always cold, the walls become slightly damp from the condensation and this is where the mould will grow.

Why is there moisture in my home?

It is normal for a home to have moisture in the air, it comes from the air we breathe out, our pets, our cooking, washing and cleaning.

Ventilation in your Park Home

As you are aware, your home has more ventilation than a traditionally built home. Although it seems odd to allow in more air, a well ventilated home is less likely to have a problem with mould than one that can appear to feel more cosy. Keeping the windows closed doesn’t help either.

Cleaning Black Mould

Black mould can be treated with a fungicidal or bleach spray purchased from a DIY shop or supermarket. It is really important that you read the manufacturers recommendations on the bottle carefully as both mould and sprays to treat it are harmful. Follow any guidelines carefully.
Kill and clean patches of black mould regularly, the longer you leave them the harder they are to clean and the spores will spread.
Carpets and soft furnishings benefit from being aired outside when possible. UV light from sunshine is good at killing off mould spores but it can take a couple of days exposure to help.

Ventilate your Park Home

Ask a reputable installer to check that the ventilation on your park home is adequate. Unblock any vents that you may have blocked over. Annoying draughts circulate the air in your home, taking out the moisture laden air that causes condensation.
Open your windows to add extra ventilation when you can, particularly when cooking, showering or bathing.
Install an extractor in your bathroom and over your cooker.

Prevent Condensation

Do not dry clothes indoors. Put the lids on your pans when cooking – you’ll save on fuel bills too. Let in the sunlight.

Eliminate Black Mould

Fit External Wall Insulation. A good, QICA accredited system will wick away moisture. When external wall insulation is installed correctly it eliminates your cold walls so moisture can’t form and is also well vented so that your moist air is expelled.

Why Does External Wall Insulation Cure Black Mould?

When external wall insulation is installed correctly, in addition to holding in your heat and lowering fuel bills, it does two things:
It eliminates your cold walls so moisture can’t form.
It is vented so that your moist air is expelled.
This combination stops condensation and mould in its tracks. Humidity tests show that rates drop by 75% within a couple of days of a quality insulation being installed.

External Wall Insulation can seem an expensive investment but is typically the only long term cure for black mould in park homes. You will save money on cleaning, maintenance, repairs, painting and fuel bills which justifies the cost as well as having a home that is healthy and mould free.
Not all External Wall Insulation is fitted with care by reputable installers so make sure you chose an accredited company to install on your home or investigate carefully that the installer you choose is qualified, insured and accredited.

Look for a PAS2030 accreditation, ask for references and make sure you get several quotes and take as much advice as you can. A cheap system may not eradicate your mould and could seriously harm the structure of your home long term

For more information regarding External Wall Insulation speak to your council, search online or contact our sister company Insulated Homes on 01647 24599.

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