INSTANT EXPERT: External Wall Insulation (EWI)


Are you considering insulating or refurbishing your park home? It can be daunting dealing with builders, installers or pushy sales people. Don’t be afraid to ask questions, a good builder or installer will be happy to answer. And if they seem unable or unwilling to answer clearly then they are probably best avoided. A good company is proud of what they do, has the correct paperwork in place and is keen to share it with you. Do not sign a contract or pay a deposit until you are happy with the information they provide.

We’ve spoken to installers, assessors, as well as surveyors and put together a list of questions for you to ask potential installers, who you’re asking to quote for external wall insulation on your home.

Selecting who does the work is a major decision, get it wrong and you could be storing up trouble for the future. Ask our 10 Questions and become an instant expert.

Insurance, qualifications and training are important, as who you select is responsible for looking after not only your home, but also your personal safety. Nothing in life is ever guaranteed but if you follow these steps you will be better informed to make your decision.

ONE: Request Several Quotes

Ask for two or three quotes from accredited companies, never someone that just knocks on your door. You can compare price, product and quality. Be cautious about accepting the cheapest, as cheaper companies may not be trained, qualified, insured, accredited or offer support if something goes wrong. Their product may also be inferior and could cause damage to your home. Get all the information you need before deciding. Take your time and don’t be rushed.

TWO: Ask for a Written Quote

Ask for a detailed, written quote and contract with their terms and conditions. If things are written down, there’s no confusion about what you are paying for. Don’t be afraid to ask to have things clarified and always get it in writing.

THREE:Get the Details

Ask for written confirmation of what they are putting on your walls. How thick is the insulation? What type is it? How do they attach the insulation? What goes on the top of the insulation? Make sure this is detailed in any contract you sign. A good installer will have a detailed product description and installation method. Does the product have a fire rating certificate?

FOUR: Is there an Insurance-Backed Guarantee?

Ask for a copy of the guarantee you will get. An insurance-backed guarantee protects you if the company stops trading. A guarantee issued by a company that isn’t assessed by an accreditation company or that isn’t insurance backed can be worthless.

FIVE: Who are they Accredited with?

Reputable companies usually are registered with organisations like GDGC, TrustMark or Which? Trusted Traders. The government recommend a PAS2030 installer for external wall. An accredited company has been assessed by a third-party and they can also step-in and support you should something go wrong.

SIX: Ask to see an Actual Completed Home.

Ask if there are homes nearby you can look at? A quality company should be proud of their work and have happy customers proud of their homes.

SEVEN: Get References

Ask if they can supply references? Reputable companies will have a folder packed with thank-you letters and references for you to see and check.

EIGHT: Ask to see copies of their insurance?

Anyone working on your home should have Public Liability Insurance, if they are recommending products they should also have Indemnity Insurance. These insurances protect you, your home, passers-by and any workmen. Ask to see a copy of the certificate.

NINE: Ask how they survey your home?

As you know park homes are all different. A gas-qualified person should oversee the installation and make written recommendations to ensure your safety, your vents should be assessed as should the entire structure of your home. Do not allow work to start without a survey.

TEN: Are the Workmen Qualified?

Ask to see a copy of their qualifications. Do you know who will be actually doing the work? Ask for their qualifications, some companies give their work to other companies or individuals to do, make sure they are qualified too. Typically they will have an NVQ or City and Guilds in External Wall Insulation or rendering.

Do not sign a contract or pay a deposit until you are happy with the information they provide. A big thank you to our sister company Insulated Homes who helped put together this useful 10 point guide.

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