Park Home Gardens: November


Potted up herbs should be brought indoors for the winter, check under the pot for pests or re-pot and place on a bright window cill.

Tender plants should be moved inside, in the greenhouse or up against the house to protect them through the winter months.

Plants that can’t be moved should be protected with fleece to protect against early frosts.

Plant soft fruit plants into ground that has well-rotted manure or garden compost incorporated, secure any canes.

Finish planting the last spring bulbs early in the month as possible, if the ground is too wet you can use up the last bulbs in pots.

Continue to keep mowing lawns but raise the cutter if your mower has an adjustable cut.

Clean pots, trays and tools ready for next season.

Plan your garden for next year, order gardening catalogues, plants and seeds.

Prune shrubs, bushes and hedges.

Keep paths, steps, driveways and patios clear from leaves. This is important so that the surfaces don’t become slippery, if they do you may need to treat them with a chemical to kill off the algae or moss. Prevention is better than cure so five minutes with a broom each week can save you money, harmful chemicals and give you some outdoor exercise which is good for body and mind.

Provide wildlife with a safe winter haven. Historically we have thought of all bugs as pests, but pollinating insects are in rapid decline. Put up bug houses, pile up a mini log pile and leave some dead leaves on foliage. Feed birds regularly if you are able and leave out water for them in a birdbath, accessible pond or bowl. If cats are an issue, make sure you feed up out of their reach or remove their hiding places.

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