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Want to get more out of the Internet?

Use twitter to find the latest information on just about anything: local traffic, film reviews, events, celebrity gossip, tv, politics, funny cats or just what your friends and family are up to. Read our easy-start guide to get started…

What is Twitter?

Twitter is a collection of people, companies and organisations who all send (or tweet) short messages of up to 280 characters. These tweets often have hashtags (#) attached to them which relate to the topic. A hashtag might be the name of a popular TV show (#CoronationStreet), an interest (#VegetarianRecipes) or a current event (#Rugby).

How do I get it?

How: Go to their website or download their app on your phone or tablet and sign up. They’ll ask you for an email address (which is not shared with other users), to create a password and ask you to select a user name that is shared with other users. It’s free and really simple to register.

Getting Started

Once you are signed up you can “follow” other users and they can “follow” you. Search for friends, celebrities, companies and organisations that interest you and click follow on their page. When you follow someone or something their tweets will appear in a list called your timeline which you can scroll through. Some might have pictures or videos attached and some might have links to take you to other websites and stories.

You can click the heart if you like that story or “retweet” it so that people who follow you will see it. Clicking the heart or retweet is a compliment.

You can also search for words, trends or hashtags (#). A hashtag identifies a specific topic, you could search #cats and millions of tweets will come up that relate to cats.

Twitter has a rapidly changing list of hashtags called “trending” which are the most popular things that people are tweeting about.

What next

Twitter can be exactly what you want it to be. Here are a few things you can do:

Join in current trends and share your views.

Learn new recipes and tips by following chefs and recipe feeds.

Upload pictures of your cat on a Saturday morning and join in one of the most popular #Caturday trends.

Meet new people who share the same interests as you.

Track a favourite programme, celebrity or sporting event.

Follow art or poetry feeds and get a daily message.

Follow @ParkHomeResMag for the best Twitter feed available.

Take Care Online

One word of warning. If you enter into discussions be polite, some people can be easily offended, messages can be misunderstood. Your comments can be seen by the whole world. Don’t share personal details with anyone online.

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