Do you Need a Surveyor when you Purchase a Park Home?

When you buy your dream Park Home, you may be buying the timber, metal and glass, but you are probably only acquiring a licence to keep it on the park or site, rather than owning the ground it sits on. If the home is later found to contravene the various rules and regulations that the local authority imposes on parks, then you could risk losing this licence, and being forced to alter, relocate or even remove your home!

Areas where you are at risk include: your home being too close to a neighbouring park home, and thus contravening fire regulations; your home being in poor condition and adversely affecting the amenity or enjoyment of the other park home owners.

We spoke to Croft Surveyors who provide a comprehensive ‘Level 3’ report on your proposed purchase. A RICS qualified surveyor will spend as much time examining your Park Home as they would a traditional “bricks and mortar” house which is only right and proper when for most people this will be your biggest asset as well as your home.

The Park Home Survey

Their inspection includes a thorough assessment of the home, to include the condition of the roofing, structural walls and floor, chassis, fittings, finishes and services.

Importantly, this includes access to roof spaces and the void beneath the home to comment on the condition of the normally hidden elements such as the chassis which cannot be seen by the casual, untrained observer.
As well as reporting on the condition of the home they advise on any maintenance they anticipate may be required in the foreseeable future as well as areas of safety concern and upgrading work to be considered.
Importantly, they’ll check compliance with Park Home regulations as well, to help you avoid any costly and upsetting disputes arising further down the line. We were surprised to hear that more and more of their reports these days are on new homes where, sometimes, the number of snags remaining after construction can be excessive, or perhaps the home has been poorly sited.

So, the answer to the original question is “no”, you don’t need a survey for a Park Home, but you may be risking your home, savings and peace-of-mind without one.

Croft Surveyors are independent Chartered Surveyors based in the South-West of England and inspect Lodges and Caravans all over England and Wales – both surveys prior to purchase and inspections for Expert Court reports.

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