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Every step counts when it comes to fitness. Add a few more to your daily routine and live a healthy lifestyle. Our handy tips will help you keep fit and well. Learn how to simply add a few extra steps by reading our simple guide.


Wear a step counter, use a pedometer, your phone or try a fitness tracker. These handy devices count your steps, allowing you to monitor what you’re doing and make small lifestyle changes.There are choices for all budgets, a simple clip-on step counter costs just a few pounds and you can write down your daily steps to keep track.

There are free pedometer apps for mobile phones but you’ll have to keep your phone with you at all times to get an accurate record. Wearing a fitness tracker on your wrist or clipped on that links to your phone or tablet can be the easiest way to keep a record of your steps. and can also be linked up with friends so that you can get fit together.

Whatever method you choose, use it for a week and work out how many steps you typically do and add 500. Use that figure as your next week goal and increase again over the following weeks. Aim to get to at least 5000 steps a day, 10,000 is recommended by the British Heart Foundation.


Park in the furthest point from where you need to be in the car park, and take stairs rather than escalators and lifts if you are able.


Boogie while your baking. Step, march or dance when cooking and clearing up your kitchen. It might be a little funny for anyone else to see (perhaps close your blinds?) but adding movement here wont take up any extra time and can make a huge difference.


Add extra movement to your cleaning and tidying routine. Put on some music and bend, stretch, dance or march whilst you work.


If you have a couple of hours free a week, then volunteering can be an amazing way to live a healthier lifestyle. You could simply do a little gardening, shopping, baby-sitting or dog-walking for a relative, friend or neighbour, it doesn’t even have to be a regular commitment.

Local charities and hospitals are always on the lookout for helping hands, check online or drop in and ask. Any activity will increase your healthy steps and help out someone in need.

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