How can I Boost my Immune System?

Your immune system isn’t a single thing, it’s made up of lots of individual components, which all work together to protect you from infection. A network of cells, organs, proteins and antibodies work together to […]


Park Home Gardening: Jobs for February

Our gardens start to wake up and come alive in February with Snowdrops, Daffodils and Crocus making a welcome appearance and brightening both our gardens and our lives. Gardening in February can be a challenge […]

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Park Home Gardening: Jobs for January

January is a quiet time in the garden with most of us deciding to stay indoors and enjoy our garden through the window rather than brave a damp or chilly pottering session outside, if you […]


Slow Cooker Recipe: Vibrant Tomato Soup

Slow cooking is one of the most energy-efficient and economic ways of cooking. Not only do they use far less power but they are great for batch cooking and freezing. Cooking in just one pot […]

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Should I have a Flu Vaccination?

Flu vaccination is available every year and is free on the NHS for many of us; vaccinating directly protects adults and children at risk of flu and its complications and reduces the number of cases in your community […]

Snow Safety
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Snow Safety

Prepare your home for snow. During the winter months try to keep a stock of two weeks food and medication in the house so that you aren’t forced to venture out when conditions are bad. […]

Roasted Vegetables

Healthy Eating Recipe: Roasted Vegetables

Batch roasting vegetables is a fantastic way to eat more delicious and healthy veggies, fill your freezer and save money. We often eat them at Christmas or with a Sunday Lunch but roast vegetables shouldn’t […]

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Mindfulness: Learn to Focus on the Moment

Mindfulness reduces anxiety, stress and worrying and is a relaxing technique to learn that is so good for your well-being. There are many books, courses and websites that will teach you ways of being mindful […]

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Feeling Lonely at Christmas

Christmas can be a difficult or even lonely time for many of us. Statistics released by Age UK show that half a million older people in the UK expect to feel lonely this Christmas. Not all of us […]

Black Mould
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Does your Park Home Suffer from Black Mould?

The usual places to find black mould are in kitchens, bathrooms and near leaking pipes. Park homes are more susceptible to mould because of the cold walls which encourage condensation. Is black mould harmful? Black […]


Park Home Gardens: November

Potted up herbs should be brought indoors for the winter, check under the pot for pests or re-pot and place on a bright window cill. Tender plants should be moved inside, in the greenhouse or […]

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Extra Help from your Utility Providers

Did you know you can ask to have your name added to the Priority Register with your utility providers (Gas, Electricity and Water) to receive extra help? Read on to find out what’s available and […]

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Bring a little warmth to your Park Home

Ever wondered why your home can sometimes feel cold and draughty? This simple picture guide shows you where you are losing most of your heat and the best place to invest in insulation. Thank you […]

Walking Group
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Get Walking!

Every step counts when it comes to fitness. Add a few more to your daily routine and live a healthy lifestyle. Our handy tips will help you keep fit and well. Learn how to simply […]