Simple Advice: How to Stay Warm in your Park Home this Winter.

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Stay warmer without racking up a big energy bill.

Park Homes can feels cold and damp during the winter months and turning up the heat or leaving it on all the time can lead to wizzing through your gas bottles or getting a larger than expected energy bill.

With advice from a qualified Domestic Energy Assessor who specialises in Park Homes we’ve put together this quick list of things that you can do to keep warm. There are ideas for all budgets and even small changes make a difference.

If your budget allows:
• Insulate your walls with external wall insulation
• Insulate your roof and underfloor
• Upgrade your central heating system or have it serviced
• Update your windows and doors
• Fit a skirt to the home.

If you are struggling with bills please speak to your

utility company, council and Citizens Advice office

as they all have schemes to help.

Lifestyle changes to keep warm

Dress in layers and try to keep moving as much as possible as sitting still makes you colder. Drinking regular hot drinks throughout the day helps too.

Closing your curtains and inner doors traps heat in the room. Park homes have a higher glass to wall ratio than other buildings so thick insulating curtains or blinds can make a big difference even if you have new double glazed windows.

If you lose power report it to your supplier as soon as you can, if you are a priority customer, they can help you with extra support. Be prepared for power cuts and know who to call. Pack a small bag with a set of warm clothing and a torch and keep in an easy to find place so that you aren’t caught out.

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